Jain Network is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales. It has also received recently the status of a Community Interest Company. Its governance is carried out as per the rules of the Charity Commissioners, Company House and in accordance with the management enshrined in the Jain tradition.

Organisation Jain Network is managed by the Board of Trustees consisting of Board members duly elected, and a management committee appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Board is responsible for the management of the Network, procurement of the resources, strategic planning, risk management, quality standards and monitoring and evaluating the work and projects of the Network. It has the powers to appoint the management committee from the stakeholders, subcommittees, portfolio holders, staff, volunteers, advisors, professionals and consultants, overseas trustees and global ambassadors. The management committee, administrative staff and volunteers carry out day to day activities.

Management Jain Network is goverened by by an up-to-date constitution, which sets outclear aims and objectives, definition of membership, how the organisation is managed, the responsibilities of individuals, terms of office, election procedures and management of meetings including annual general meeting and approval of annual report and accounts.

Jain Network has an active and committed Trust Board and management committee. There are regular meetings, shared decision-making, each member making a positive contribution to help achieve the common objectives, opportunities for management committee members to access training.

Jain Network management committee is representative of the community it serves. It is open to new members joining, and takes positive steps to involve users or people with a user's perspective, where feasible and compatible with an appropriate mix of knowledge and expertise in the management will be handled by a team with professional skills or access to professional advice needed for the efficient operation of the organisation, including its financial and legal responsibility.

Jain Network has a commitment to regular self-evaluation in order to measure effectiveness. In meeting objectives and users' needs, review priorities, identify shortcomings and possible remedies, and pinpoint unmet needs or development potential.

Financial Management Jain Network has financial budgeting and control procedures in place for the efficient and effective management of finances and financial matters. Our accounts independently audited and presented to the Charity Commission as per statutory requirements.

Jain Network has current insurance cover to meet all legal obligations including employers' liability and public liability. This covers staff, volunteers trustees and management committee members, professional indemnity, public liability and buildings and contents cover.

Policies for Quality of Service We have a comprehensive set of policies which form a firm basis for the governance of the Jain Network. These policies include: child and vulnerable adult persons protection, health and safety, environmental, equal opportunities, recruitment and selection, volunteering, complaints, grievance and disciplinary procedures. Appropriate persons have DBS or CRB assessments in place.

We also have a system for continuously monitoring the use of the services, which monitors achievement against a predetermined set of work programme in sufficient detail.

Trustees and Management Committee Trustees are responsible for the strategic management of the Network. It has the powers to appoint management committee from the stakeholders, subcommittees, portfolio holders, volunteers, advisors, professionals and consultants, overseas trustees and global ambassadors.

The Management Committee manages the day to day affairs of the Network with the help of volunteers and staff. We have more than 10 regular volunteers and three part time staff.