Jain Centre Development

We purchased a spacious building in 2010 at 64-68 Colindale Avenue, London NW9 5DR for the development of the Jain Centre London. Planning permission to use the premises for a place of worship and community centre with an auditorium and other community facilities was achieved in 2010. Situated in Colindale, North West London amidst the major Jain population in the boroughs of Barnet, Brent and Harrow, the site is well connected by major roads and public transport and is within easy reach from central London.

Its purpose is to provide a place of worship and study for all major Jain traditions; a hub to bring greater awareness of Jainism, its practices and values and local community facilities. The British Government, media, statutory and other Iinstitutions in the United Kingdom engage with the nine major world faiths including Jainism. As a result Jain representatives are being invited on major national and international events such as the Royal Wedding, Commonwealth Services and Olympics.

Depiction of Jain Treasure Kalpasutra in 2012 to HM The Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Temple activities such as daily Pooja, Aarti, Snatrapooja
  • Religious education activities such as Pathshala for children and adults
  • Facilities for Samayik, Pratikraman, celebration of events on sacred days such as Paryushan, Diwali and both Aso and Chaitri Ayambil Olis
  • Lectures and seminars on Jainism by visiting scholars
  • Public services: education and training, cultural, health, social action and well-being projects for Jain and wider community and also academic and philanthropic activities
  • Interfaith events, workshops and seminars
Interim Temple
Devotees performing Snatra Pooja
Mahavir Janma Kalyanak Celebrations
Interfaith Event in the Auditorium
FUTURE DEVELOPMENT The Jain Network is planning to demolish the current building by January 2016 and construct a purpose built three storied magnificent Jain Centre,(link to pdf of Jain Centre brochure) expected to be completed by 2018.

Model of the Jain Centre

Front Elevation
Side Elevation
Side Elevation
The second floor will have traditional white marble temples and places of worship for all major Jain traditions and Aum & Hrim shaped 108 Parshvanath Jinalay. The Svetambar Temple will have: Central image Parshvanath; Others : Munisuvrat and Mahavir Swami. The Digambar Temple will have: Central image Rishabhdev; Others : Nemnath, Simandhar Swami, Bahubali and Bharat Chakravarti. The second floor will also house Guru Mandir, Sthanakvasi / Terapanthi Upashray and Shrimad Rajchandra Gyan mandir and Guardian deities including Padamavati, Manibhadra, Nakoda Bhairav, Ghantakarna Mahavir, Saraswati and Lakshmiji, and two flats.

The first floor will have a multifaith centre, library, conference rooms, Kesar Sukhad room, display lobby, one flat and other utilities.

The ground floor will have spacious reception area, kitchen, dining facilities, offices, other utilities and car park.

The Centre aims to provide sustainable community services such as advocacy, educational, environmental, employment, health, social, travel, spiritual, civic and cultural services, youth and women empowerment and to work with Voluntary Community Organisations, Social Enterprises and Charities.


Drop in area for 2 carsFoyer
Entrance hallReception area
Cloak roomOffices
KitchenDining area
Parking for 14 carsCycle stand
Two staircasesTwo lifts and other utilities


Reception areaLibrary/Multifaith centre
Meeting room/OfficeConference rooms
Male & female showersKesar Sukhad room
Display lobbyOne flat
Other utilities


ReceptionSvetambar temple
Digambar temple (D)108 Parshvanath Jinalay
Sacred hallGuru Mandir (G)
Sthanakvasi/Terapanthi UpashrayShrimad Rajchandra Gyan Mandir
Guardian DeitiesDisplay lobby
Two flats

Aum and Hrim shaped 108 Parshvanath Jinalay

Unique feature for worship in the temple for the devotees

Proposed Digambar Temple
Proposed Svetambar Temple
Intricate Ceiling Plan with Dome
Wall for 108 Parshvanath Jinalay
Temple Floor Plan showing pillars, rang-mandap and Gabhara
Back of the Inner Shrine (Gabhara) of Svetambar Temple
Unique Features of the Jain Centre
  • Place of worship and study for all major Jain traditions, Aum and Hrim shaped 108 Parshvanath Jinalay, multifaith centre & community centre.
  • Situated in Barnet, North West London, the Jain Centre is ideally located amidst the major Jain population residing in the Boroughs of Barnet, Brent and Harrow. It is within easy reach from central London and from outside as it is well connected by major roads and public transport. Therefore its location makes it a hub for Jain and community activities.
  • The Jain Network's constitution allows appointment of Overseas trustees and Global Ambassadors, making the Jain Centre London an international place belonging to all. It will be a place for worship, study and pilgrimage for all Jains; a learning centre for Jainism, its values and practices; a resource centre for educational institutions, interfaith activities and guests; and a community centre for the local Jains. The funds of the Jain Centre are managed as per the laid down principles in the Jain tradition such as temple fund (Dev Dravya), general fund (Sadharan) etc. The devotional and spiritual practices, the Jain way of life, including compassion (Anukampa) and animal welfare (Jivdaya), Jain studies and improvement of quality of life of the people, are the core purposes for the establishment of the Jain Network.
  • One of its constituents, the Ahimsa for Quality of Life (AQL), has supported the projects for relief of poverty in Pawapuri (Bihar) and Samet Shikhar (Jharkhand) and for the physically and mentally disabled children in Mumbai and Jaipur.
  • The Jain Academy (JA), has sponsored a course on Jainism at De Montfort University, Leicester for 3 years; has established the Chair for the Jain Academic and Research Centre in Mumbai University; has initiated the course in Jain Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) London University and supported it for 2 years; and has established the Department of Jain Studies in Faculty of Comparative Religions in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Within the new Centre we will provide courses in Jain Studies in subjects such as Jain philosophy, Jain history, Jain literature, Jain sociology, Gujarati, Hindi and Prakrit language, Applied Jainology (meditation, yoga , therapeutics, Jain way of life, Jain food and stress management), non-violence and peace; environmental concerns and care of all life, training for religious workers, Minister of Religion and cultural literacy for health, educational, social workers and political leaders.