Jain Academy and World Council for Jain Academies (Charity Nos. 1018833, 1081222)

Jain Academy (JA) was established in 1991; Jain Academy Foundation of North America (JAFNA) was established in 1995. Both merged in 1999 to form the World Council of Jain Academies (WCJA). JA functions as the European HQ for the WCJA.

Mission Promotion of the Academic Education of the Jain Culture and Society

Objectives Establishment of Jain Studies in Academic Institutions, Schools and Community Centres and guidance to them for curriculum and lectures

Publication of bulletin, journal, books and literature on Jainism

Organizing lectures, workshops and conferences, and participation in interfaith activities; advice to public institutions on Jainism and its values

  • Sponsored Jain Course at the De Montfort University, Leicester
  • Established The Jain Academic Educational and Research Centre and The Chair in Jainology at Mumbai University, India and currently advising its management. Mumbai University runs one-year certificate course, one-year diploma course and MA and PhD in Jainism. On an average about 200 students study Jainism every year at this Centre.
  • Guidance in the development of Jain teaching at the University Wales and at the University of Birmingham
  • Sponsored a course on Jainism and first two WCJA lectures at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London
  • Established Department of Jain Studies at the Faculty of Comparative Religions, Antwerp, Belgium and currently sponsoring it
  • Supports International School for Jain Studies in India

Jain Academy is planning to provide courses in Jain Studies on behalf of Jain Network in subjects such as Jain philosophy, Jain history, Jain literature, Jain sociology, Gujarati, Hindi and Prakrit language, Applied Jainology (meditation, yoga , therapeutics, Jain way of life, Jain food and stress management), non-violence and peace; environmental concerns and care of all life, training for religious workers, Minister of Religion and cultural literacy for health, educational, social workers and political leaders.

Governance: Jain Academy is governed according to the Charity Commissioner's rules and regulations. This charity has its own independent Board. Jain Network gives it administrative support for its functioning, activities and projects.