Jain Sangha of Europe (Charity no: 1072784)

Organisations we are affiliated with

Mission: The advancement of Jain Culture, its values and studies

Main Objectives
  • To provide facilities for worship and study for all major Jain traditions
  • To promote the values, teachings and the practices of Jainism to Jains and wider communities
  • To provide Community services
  • To alleviate poverty, to promote animal welfare and environmental awareness
  • To represent the Jain interests to governments, the statutory authorities, the media and other institutions of influence
  • To be involved in the activities of community cohesion, and interfaith understanding and co-operation

  • Jain Sangha of Europe (JSoE) management is carried out by the Board of Trustees, assisted by the Director General, Secretary and the heads of various committees: treasury, fundraising and entrepreneurial services, project and public relations, academic, cultural and social services including elderly people. women's, youth, philanthropic, housing and religious committees and IT, publication and outreach
  • Jain Sangha of Europe continues to function as a separate charity and has its own trustee board. Most of its activities including administration are now being carried out by the Jain Network.