Trustees, Local and Overseas

Board of Trustees
  • Dr Natubhai Shah Chairman/ CEO
  • Anant Mehta Vice Chairman
  • Mrs Alpa Kothari Secretary
  • Dipakkumar Shah Treasurer
  • Vipin Mithani Trustee
  • Mahesh Doshi Trustee
  • Dilip Mithani Trustee
  • Mahendra Nagda Trustee
  • Bharat Mehta Trustee
  • Miss Prafula Shah Trustee
  • Kalpesh Shah Trustee
Management Committee Members
  • Vijay Sheth
  • Mrs Bina Holden
  • Paresh Mehta
  • Dr Mrs Sonali Mehta
  • Mrs Gita Sanghrajka
  • Ms Eshani S Zakaria
Trustees volunteer to help the members of the Management Committee.

We have registered Jain Centre Jinalay Trust in USA and India to promote the development of the Jain Centre and Jain values.

Role of Overseas Trustee
  • To promote the mission and vision of the Jain Network in their respective countries
  • To meet with other overseas trustees and global ambassadors for networking and formulation of strategy for the promotion of the Jain values in their countries
  • To help in the development of the Jain Centre London, ssisting in fund raising and advise to make the Centre as global hub to promote Jainism and Jain values
  • When in London they will considered as VIP guests of the Jain Network and invited to attend Trustee Board meetings
  • They will have no responsibility of the management of the Jain Network charity or company and will not be liable for any of its statutory requirements