What We Do

To realise our vision fully, the Jain Network acquired a substantial property in 2010 for the development of The Jain Centre London. Situated in Colindale, North West London amidst the major Jain population residing in the boroughs of Barnet, Brent and Harrow, the Center is well connected by major roads and public transport and is within easy reach from central London. London being the premier world capital for business, culture, innovation and finance, this Centre is also well suited to act as an international hub for education, culture, and community services.

The present Centre underwent interim refurbishment to provide spiritual and cultural activities and houses a temple, auditorium, educational wing and other community facilities. But, to fully realise our vision and deliver a Global centre for Jainism we are developing a state-of-the art purpose-built Jain Centre of excellence to promote Jain values in all its aspects and obtained planning permission in 2013 to demolish the present property and build a three storied sizable building. This new Centre will provide a place of worship and study for all major Jain traditions including Aum and Hrim shaped 108 Parshvanath Jinalay, multifaith centre, space for community activities and three flats. Its magnificentarchitecture and unique features will make the Centre a place of pilgrimage for Jains and a resource centre for the visitors.

The present building will be demolished by January 2016. We are working hard to complete work of the new building and have pratistha (installation ceremony) in 2018. This monumental Centre, costing £7 million, belongs to all Jains of the world. We invite everyone to take this meritorious opportunity to support the project and bring a lasting legacy to sustain the core values of Jainism for our future generations and disseminate teachings of Bhagwan Mahavir for the benefit of all. We also invite wider communities to support this unique development and its mission.