Shree Parshvanath
Panch Kalyanak Utsav Labhs

During the celebrations of the Chyavan Kalyanak these Labharthis will have the privilege to show the swapna they have taken the labh for to Mata Vamadevi as she lies in peaceful sleep and the soul of the Tirthankar Bhagwan enters her womb.

Kalyanak Play - Participation

Labharthis will have the privilege to be on the stage and play siginificant characters through Tirthankar Parshvanath Prabhu's journey from Chyavan (inception) to Janma (birth) to Diksha (renunciation) to Kevaljnan (omniscience) to Nirvaan (liberation). A once in a life time oppurtunity to be a part of the divine journey that a Tirthankar's blessed soul take as it ascends towards liberation

Members of the Royal Family

Celestial Beings

Members of the Royal Court & Kashi Nagri